New Airfreight Security

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New Airfreight Security Declaration for Cargo Originating from Egypt, Somalia, Syria, or Yemen

The United States Transportation Security Administration has issued a directive which requires an additional security declaration for all shipments bound for the United States. As a result, all your shipments with air waybills issued after January 29th 2016 are to comply and must include at least such a declaration.

(Name of Entity)____________________________________has reviewed all available documentation and has determined that none of the cargo being offered in this consignment or consolidation either originated in, transferred from, or transited through any point in Egypt, Syria, Somalia or Yemen.

This security statement is in addition and does not replace any current declaration in place. The declaration can be made on a separate document, on the air waybill in the ‘handling information box’, in the OSI line within an eAWB or supplemental information on an already existing CSD or eCSD.

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Source: Chris Schumacher