Spotlight: Dora Saldana of Fracht’s Compliance Department

Posted by MarketingUSA
“Ultimately if all rules are obeyed, then the highest quality service is produced for the customer”

How does one instill confidence in a set of rigid rules that are almost inevitably going to change? As Vice President of Compliance, Dora Saldana balances the enforcement of long-standing rules with the constant research of updated and additional regulations. This ensures that Fracht always works within the confinements of restrictions put in place by multiple organizations such as the DOT (Department of Transportation), TSA (Transportation Security Administration), CBP (Customs and Border Protection), and the Census Bureau, to name a few.

In Compliance, safety regulations are always changing and adapting. Saldana deals  with these rules day to day, simplifying detailed regulations, and works to make them easily relatable to others. She believes in the importance of informing all workers with adequate knowledge so that they themselves feel comfortable in an operational environment and enable the company to put their best foot forward. “Ultimately if all rules are obeyed, then the highest quality service is produced for the customer”, she shares.

“Practical knowledge,” says Saldana, “is very important. We give people an abundant amount of information so that they have the foundation needed in order to determine what’s right and what’s wrong– like red flags with shipments.”

Saldana is also an advocate for supplying new employees with job-specific training, working with Stefanie Roberts in the Quality and Training division to ensure that all employees are not only aware of the rules and regulations, but that they have the proper information to make decisions on site. Job-specific training is something that will be created the near future at Fracht, followed by its enforcement.