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Benko has proved to be a very valuable part of the Fracht team through his years working at Fracht, his attention to detail and passion for engineering.

At just twenty-four, Goran Benko has already worked for Fracht on three continents around the globe. But what he lacks in age, he does not lack in skill and the ambition to gain knowledge through experience. After having graduated high school in Switzerland, Benko decided to pursue the freight forwarding and logistics industry before enrolling in any university. He began studying and received a certified FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarding Association) diploma soon after his graduation and is now enrolled  at the University of Technology in Sydney.

Benko serves as a logistic engineering trainee, working constantly with Rail Engineer Eric Thompson in the design and application of securements used to restrain and weld transformers to rail cars. These restraints and their success are crucial in the projects conducted by Fracht teams and not only guarantee the safety of the people on site, but also ensure the most cost effective and efficient service for the customer.

In Australia and New Zealand, every first year engineering student at university has to work in a group throughout a semester to submit a project to the organization Engineers Without Borders. The goal of the project is to design something that would help change the quality of life of people who lived in a small village of a third world country. This year they focused on a small village in Cameroon called Bambui. Each team could pick a topic such as sanitary, agriculture, water quality or housing. Once you design a product in the field, then the students had to write a proposal for it and present it to the fellow classmates. Each university in Australia and New Zealand, then picked the best team which would then compete in a regional contest. The winner of the regional contest would then progress to present their idea in Melbourne, Australia in front of representatives of the village Bambui and also representatives of Engineers Without Boarders. Finally, one project would be declared the winner and then their design would get implemented into the village to help improve the people’s lives.

“From the hundreds of teams, my team managed to win the entire competition, and we were allowed to have our design implemented into the village of Bambui. Our design was called the Fossa Alterna and it was a sanitation unit that allowed the village to use a double pit system. This was not only cleaner and healthier for the villagers, but it was designed in a way that after 6 months, they could use the excrement as a fertilizer for their fields,” says Benko.

Benko has proved to be a very valuable part of the Fracht team through his years working at Fracht, his attention to detail and passion for engineering. Fracht is fortunate to have the opportunity to give passionate students like Benko an opportunity to gain knowledge, work experience and a different outlook on life and wishes to be able to provide more of these opportunities around the globe.