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“Our aim is to give the best customer service and unique logistics solutions that we can.”

On any given day, Stefanie Roberts is striving to improve Fracht’s internal Quality and Training programs, arguing that “knowledge and uniformity” are essential ingredients to optimize the efficiency of the interactions not only between Fracht and their customers, but also with all the other moving components within the company (e.g. IT, Compliance, Brokerage, and Accounting to name a few).

With a total of sixteen years in the freight-forwarding industry and eight years with Fracht under her belt, Stefanie has one of the most influential positions in the company; the effects of her role not only provide immediate guidance, but also long term solutions to ensure the company stays efficient and competitive in the industry.

A key focus for Stefanie is the day-to-day operational system used by all Fracht employees. She believes that it is imperative to be proactive in how we continually improve our system usage. “The more we can use our software system to standardize our processes and grow our level of electronic interaction with customers and service providers alike then this in turn will drive efficiencies through our business leaving our operations specialists with more time to be available to serve the customer.”

Another area of focus is the development of a job-specific training and mentorship program. Fracht employs individuals with varying degrees of knowledge for the job they are hired to do and understands how important it is to facilitate that individual’s integration into the company. The assigned mentor serves as a second pair of eyes to the individual: someone that can guide them towards a more thorough understanding of the company to allow them enough time to get used to the terminologies and the systems used at Fracht. They learn how Fracht operates, how to enter information into the system, and the fashion in which to reply to their customers. Also, this program goes hand-in-hand with the compliance team as Fracht, like other freight-forwarding institutions, is heavily regulated by various government organizations. Stefanie explains that it is vital that new hires understand and abide by these regulations.

Realistically, Stefanie recognizes that the day-to-day processes formulated by the Fracht team are still affected by unscheduled interferences. However, she believes that providing new personnel with the tools they need in order to perform the basic functions of their job precipitates the ability to problem-solve. This, in conjunction with the mentor program, allows the employee to build their confidence in their ability to thoughtfully review issues and formulate their own solutions, whilst also encouraging them to consult with other Fracht members who have dealt with similar dilemmas before. This multi-step process produces the most convenient and cost-effective result, which provides the highest quality service for the customer.

“At the end of the day, we are a service industry. Our aim is to give the best customer service and unique logistics solutions that we can. Fracht prides itself on being a company where we can handle large business, but we feel we’re not a large forwarder in the sense that we don’t treat customers like a number; our customers are our partners. So, it is imperative that Fracht Management give our employees the tools and knowledge they need to successfully perform their job so in turn our customer is able to do their own job.”

“After all, it is important that we do not forget that our customer has a customer, so it’s that domino effect of being able to achieve what they are asking of us in order for our partnership to be successful.”